Get To Know The Owner!

Hi everyone! My name is Aleyah Little, and welcome to Little Things Matter! (LTM for short).

When I was 17, I created my first online store, Fifty Shades of Ley. Where I worked with a manufacturer to sell sunglasses.

Some part of me always knew that I would work for myself but didn't know how or where to start. I spent a lot of money doing training boot camps and other entrepreneurial training that never really stuck, only to end up on YouTube to find the most superficial information. When I did, my business shifted.

I realized I wanted to do more than make money with this business. So I searched and searched and finally asked for help.

When starting this rebrand, I started seeking God more than I had ever sought him in my life. He showed me how I could not only help myself but how I could use my business to help others!


When you start a business and start talking to those who work in corporate America, they ask you first: "Do you have a business plan. I had no good reason to say yes back then, but I did anyway so they wouldn't think I was unprepared. Little did I know it wasn't something you could say with no real foundation. But something you show on paper. Well, it took me 2 years to complete and be happy with that business plan.

It was so easy to blame many others for my delay. Covid, funds, Jobs, etc. But the truth is I just had to wait for God's timing. I kept trying to rush and told myself it was so I could please him, but I only wanted to satisfy my ego.

Fast forward through some life-changing things, and now, in December of 2023, Little Things Matter is finally here!

The purpose of little things matter is to show no matter what, you matter. In my city, Baltimore, MD, we are judged for what we wear and/or even what we don't. So help us help you. Anything you can do to support us brings us one step closer to walking in the promise God has for us. Even if it's just a like or share on social media. After all,

It's the little things that matter most.